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High precision agriculture services

Location maps of areas with different agronomic variables: production, areas of water stress, leaf health problems, areas of dormant periods, daily needs of irrigation ...

Temporary monitoring by acquiring multiple infrared images during the growing cycle of the drop.

Individual maps interpretation in order to assist in the decision-making process during the agricultural season.

Ager Technology is built up with a large team of Agronomists specialized in providing solutions for the agricultural world.
Remote Sensing

Remote sensing technique consist of the the acquisition of land surface data through sensors that are installed in space platforms The electromagnetic interaction between the field and the space sensor generates a data set which is eventually processed in order to obtain interpretable information about Earth.
Satellite images allow us to produce geographic and environmental information of our territory on a regular basis and with adequate spatial resolution.

Satellite Images

Satellite images will provide us with detail information of the photographed area that is usually unreachable in the field.
These remote sensing techniques will produce essential information that can be focused in the quality standards and the production requirements.

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