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Usingthis software, any agribusiness company will be able to impute parameters defining the agronomic properties of a parcel, this parameters will determine its quality potential (analytical sampling, health of the grapes, production, analytical vintage, etc..).

Moreover, this program is equipped with cadastral maps, topographic maps and aerial orthophotos so that each of the plots is located geographically.

Thus the company will have a database of all of its parcels located and classified according to different criteria.

Our work philosophy is based on"free software" programs which allows us to work with powerful GIS software providing economical solutions.

gvSIG is a powerful free software developed in Spain. It allows working with cadastral and topographic databases, satellite images, tables, etc.. This software integrated with Sextante, can handle large amounts of data and multiple variables.

Sextante offers a wide range of mathematical algorithms widely used in the remote sensing techniques.

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